Why Support the Sust Enable Project?

Why Support The Sust Enable Project?

Sust Enable: The Metamentary
 is a non-profit video project designed to embody the question, “what does sustainability really mean?”  Our intent is to produce an artistic non-fiction video product and video production process, for the purpose of sustainability education and community empowerment.

When you give to Sust Enable, you are:

  • contributing to authentic sustainability education for thousands of people
  • enabling in(ter)dependent, community-supported documentary filmmaking and artistic innovation
  • helping bring about a new model for “sustainable filmmaking”, that is ethically founded on consent, cooperation, collaboration, and a holistic interpretation of film’s effects in the real world

Sustainability education
This innovative film project has the potential to go beyond simplistic claims of “sustainability” that populate our mainstream media.  We hope to make important emerging theories about sustainability more accessible to general audiences by translating the theories into an artfully-told and emotionally-impacting story.  Through Sust Enable, we seek to equip people with the conceptual tools to name, identify and evaluate sustainability principles in all aspects of life, and challenge them to join into defining sustainability within their own lives and communities.

Community-supported independent filmmaking
Making an investigative documentary that challenges popular claims and assumptions about “sustainability” has posed challenges in raising funds from traditional sources.  Yet we believe that it is up to people, not policymakers, to define sustainability.  We are a collective crew of young people (some of whom are long-time activists) who are continually inspired and changed by our conversations about sustainability.  We feel it is so important to make a film that authentically explores the emerging social discourse around “what does sustainability mean?” expressing the voices and wisdoms of people, not the influences of corporations or governments.  We believe that the more people deeply engage with questioning the meaning of sustainability in our everyday lives, the more viable a sustainable world really becomes.  And that is why we are doing what we are doing.  We rely on our community of equally passionate supporters to make Sust Enable come to life.

A model for sustainable filmmaking
Sust Enable: The Metamentary will confront the massively wasteful and sometimes destructive film industry standards by innovating a new approach to filmmaking that is founded on the idea of holistic film–that a film is much more than just a 90-minute product that screens in theaters.  Rather, we believe that a film is best interpreted by its complex effects in the real world.  In this model, a film is viewed as a dynamic process from conception to beyond distribution that encodes AND modifies the filmmakers’ beliefs and the beliefs of those who encounter the film, as interviewees or audience members.  We believe that documentary films are active in the world–they can and should foster reflection, discussion, and catalyze social change.  A sustainable film would embody its message and ethics at all levels of the film’s creation, including the story, the style, and its production processes in the world.

Sust Enable: The Metamentary:

  • is firmly independent
  • is artistically breaking edge
  • is collaborative + inclusive design
  • includes personal & community empowerment in its objectives
  • is committed to raising awareness about sustainability
  • is committed to embodying sustainability principles throughout our processes

If you share our values, and like what we’re all about, please support today!