People’s Sustainability Treaties Identifying Common Pathways to Achieving Sustainability

I found this website today when looking for Occupy Wall Street national events.  Of course, I am always intrigued whenever people work to define sustainability!

I was most intrigued that the diversity of the different voices contained in the fourteen “people’s sustainability treaties” for the Rio+20 conference were able to coalesce on three points, three major principles and strategies for achieving sustainability:

Equity, Localizing, and a Global Citizens Movement are what the people’s wisdoms hold in common about how to achieve sustainability.  Re-localizing value, and putting people, embedded in their unique environments, in charge of their own lives is not just fairer, it is also more sustainable.  Such adjusted society-scale behavior would mimic the intelligent, evolved processes in our planetary ecosystems–behavior understood as networks and flow.

Sust Enable: The Metamentary will explore these same themes–among others–in its exploration of “what does sustainability really mean?”