“Cool It,” or Fire it Up! As Long as you ENGAGE

The best thing we can do to improve the overall conditions of our Earth… is to engage with them.

The protagonist of “Cool It,” Bjorn Lomborg, is vilified perhaps because this is his premise.  Through actually engaging with our complicated state of things, which he feels might creatively combine high-tech and ancient, simple methods of counteracting climate change, and treating seemingly unconnected issues like poverty in order to have an effect on environmental sustainability… this kind of passionately engaged, horizontal, critical and independent thinking is what seems to agitate his opponents the most.  He seems to be saying: What we need to do is engage right now, not continue to play superficial political and economic games that have little relevance to the actual condition of our sustaining ecosystems.  On this, with Bjorn, I agree.

To live fully, to feel, to engage in discourse, intercourse, to reflect and respond, to analyse and alter–to engage.  These are the actions and reactions of life.  Yet why do these things feel so socially subversive… and yet, strangely, so internally accessible and invigorating?  If our world is defined by the irreducible sum of interactions and engagements…  Dive in.   Continue reading