Our First Sustainability Jam Is A Success!

First Ever Sustainability Jam from Sust Enable on Vimeo.

On July 14th, 2011, “Sust Enable – the metamentary” hosted the first ever “Sustainability Jam,” an open workshop and discussion focusing on issues of sustainability. The event was a huge success and everyone had a blast.


3 thoughts on “Our First Sustainability Jam Is A Success!

  1. Hello Aaron,

    The concept of sustainability seems fascinating. I like to see new thinking, new ground broken about what goes on in our daily lives and trying to find ways to improve it. At least, that’s the first impression I get from your site. I will post the link in a couple of places, who knows if some other people might notice and want to participate.


    • Thank you very much, Philippe! It’s greatly appreciated :)

      And yes, that is at the core of Sust Enable – we want to ENABLE people to take charge of their lives. We want people to watch our film, and then to perhaps think of the various elements in their life and ask, “Is this sustaining me? Or is it draining me?”

      I know in the process of this film, and through other avenues in my life, I have learned a very holistic idea of what ‘sustainability’ means. Working a corporate job, for instance, is certainly NOT sustainable for me… Just an example!

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