Sustainability Jams

Note: Sustainability Jams are on hold as of August 2012.

We, the crew of Sust Enable, are dedicated to community engagement. One way we involve the community in hands-on sustainability learning and discussion is through Sustainability Jams. Sustainability Jams are free hands-on workshops/demonstrations for participants to learn ways of incorporting sustainability into their lives.  Past Sustainability Jam subjects have included Canning/Fermentation, Gift Circles, and Bicycle Maintenance.  Check out this video of our first Sustainability Jam to see what they are all about!

First Ever Sustainability Jam from Sust Enable on Vimeo.


This great program can only continue to happen with participation! We are always looking for individuals to teach various subjects dealing with sustainability.  Contact us if you can offer to teach a short workshop about something in your life that you consider “sustainable”!  (Currently limited to the Pittsburgh, PA area.)


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