The broad goals of The Sust Enable Project are:

  • artistic exploration & experimentation with the meanings of sustainability
  • facilitating audience/user engagement with different meanings of sustainability through providing an innovative platform for critical thinking, discussion, and self-directed learning

Our goals with our feature-length documentary film are:

  • to innovate a holistically sustainable filmmaking process, motivated from the film’s subject matter, which will result in a holistically sustainable film experience
  • to use compelling documentary film storytelling to expand and diversify the discourse around the meaning of sustainability
  • to make important emerging ideas about sustainability more accessible for audiences by translating them into an artfully-told and emotionally-impacting story

We believe that the more people engage in actively exploring the meaning of sustainability in their own lives and communities, the more viable a sustainable world becomes.  This underlies our commitment to providing opportunities for deeper “sustainability literacy” through film and media.