Crew Bios

Caroline Savery – Director/Co-Producer

Caroline Savery has been producing and directing digital video productions for more than ten years. Her ongoing aesthetic interest in experimenting with genre conventions has lead her to produce nearly two dozen short videos experimenting with a broad range of genres, including horror, comedy, music video, futuristic drama, and documentary, with a preference for subjective, reflexive and experimental storytelling. As a long-time community activist, she has always had a personal passion for merging social issues with video, resulting in several creative nonfiction and educational video projects. Her first nonfiction film, a short documentary about Beatlemania, won the Regional Individual Media Award for the National History Day competitions in 2000. She has since won several awards for her video production and academic achievement. During high school, she attended the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts magnet school for Film + TV, and was awarded the Outstanding Student Achievement award in 2004 from the film and television department. In 2008, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Point Park University with a B.A. in Cinema & Digital Arts, with concentrations in Producing and Directing, and was one of seven finalists university-wide for the Outstanding Graduating Senior award.

Since 2000, Caroline has also consistently served in leadership capacities on various creative, non-profit and activist projects throughout Connecticut and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, preferring to work in collaborative frameworks. She designed and headed up the ambitious Sust Enable series, an independent eight-part online educational episode series about living within a “one-Earth” ecological footprint. Her intriguing mixed experiences while working on Sust Enable lead her to challenge her own assumptions about the nature of sustainability, and what she is learning is the fuel inspiring her full dedication to producing and directing The Metamentary.  When she is not working for The Sust Enable Project, she works as a consultant and teacher on subjects of co-operatives and sustainability.  She is currently a founding organizer with the USA Cooperative Youth Council.

Read Caroline’s artist statement here.

Jon Skocik – Director of Photography, Assistant Editor (2011-2013)

Jonathan R. Skocik is an experienced writer, producer, director, editor, and videographer who began his career by attending classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he achieved high academic standing in his studies of film production. With over thirteen years of experience, Skocik has been a staple of the Pittsburgh film and video industry, lending his talents to numerous short and feature-length films. He has successfully produced two independent feature films, one of which received worldwide distribution on DVD.

Nate Savery – Sustainability Research Advisor

Nate Savery is an in(ter)dependent designer and researcher. He recently received his Master’s degree from the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he studied contemporary theories of communication and technology in relation to larger questions of complexity within human experience, the structure of reality, and the connections among actions, perceptions, and the material world.

As a research advisor to TSEPNate is involved in helping to sort out and connect up the diverse research perspectives that can be brought to bear on the complex problem of sustainability explored in the film. He believes strongly that the unique mix of art, activism, and academic research driving this project provides a powerful means to open up deeper collective explorations of the complex interdependency of human life and ecological relations.