Sust Enable director Caroline Savery to speak at Evolver Convergence

Caroline Savery will speak at the Evolver Convergence in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, June 2nd from 2:55-3:40pm in the Local Reskilling Room.

Her presentation, entitled “Visionary Cinema: Mirroring a Conscious Evolution,” will explore how evolutions in collective consciousness are mirrored in the films we create, and how recent popular innovations in cinema narratives, language and style–like the increasing popularity of “reflexive” stories and styles–speak to exciting new territory in how we think of ourselves and our challenges.  She will close by discussing how “a metamentary” like Sust Enable–which explores the social struggle to define a “true” meaning of sustainability–builds upon this trend, expanding possibilities for framing our social challenges in our minds and hearts, through using film methods that invite the audience to engage with instead of absorb its story.

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